'Pro Tempore'

" It's not so much the visual impact of the sky but the emotional effect that strikes me so deeply when I look at this painting and all of your big sky paintings. They definitely have that sense about them.
Do you think that what has the ability to retain an aura of mystery about it, those things that cannot be completely explained, are the things we long for the most?"
Sandra Dunn, e-mail, July21, 2006

"Romantic Art.......is a result of a vision that can see in things something significant beyond ordinary significance: something that for a moment seems to contain the whole world......."
John Piper, 'Aspects of British Art', Collins 1947

'Pro tempore' is an ongoing series of large paintings about capturing a moment in time.

They reach at and endeavor to grasp the transient, the intangible, the allure of the illusive.

RP,September 2006


The title 'Pro Tempore' was suggested by documetary artist, Tanya Senk.