Rod Prouse, a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, 1968, exhibits mainly in painting, printmaking, photo-based and video art.
His professional career has so far seen 34 solo exhibitions, and as many group exhibitions across Canada, the U.S.A., England and Germany.
Solo exhibitions have included such public institutions as the McMichael Canadian Collection.
Over the years, he has received numerous teaching and project grants, as well as awards of recognition for photography and design. His work is included in private collections in Europe, Asia and North America.
His current paintings reference Canadian landscape in a refreshing contemporary style. Rod lives beside Georgian Bay inspired by its wind, rocks and water.


I have for most of my career involved landscape as subject in a variety of formats; photo based work, video, printmaking and painting. The focus of my newest work is still the language of landscape but instead of looking to convention I am dipping into my personal evolution and involving printmaking, psychedelia, digital imaging and an interest in design movements such as British Vorticism and Italian Memphis to come up with a personal definition of the landscape genre.

This new work is not so much about locations but rather endeavors to evoke the transient, intangible, illusive, ‘Romantic’ moment.

"Romantic a result of a vision that can see in things something significant beyond ordinary significance: something that for a moment seems to contain the whole world......." John Piper, 'Aspects of British Art', Collins 1947

" It's not so much the visual impact of the sky but the emotional effect that strikes me so deeply when I look at this painting and all of your big sky paintings. They definitely have that sense about them. Do you think that what has the ability to retain an aura of mystery about it, those things that cannot be completely explained, are the things we long for the most?" Sandra Dunn, Artist e-mail, July21, 2007

Rod is one of those kinetic artists who moves easily back and forth between painting, sketching, drawing, assembled sculpture and video. BLOGGER Victoria Ward on 'pro tempore' 2012

rodprouse catalogue / reviews Rod Prouse, whose pastel drawings with watercolour are among the most accomplished and innovative of there kind to be produced in Canada since David Milne, appears to be moving effortlessly from strenght to strength. James Purdy 'At The Galleries' The Globe and Mail, 1977

This quest for authenticity distinguishes the art of Rod Prouse from contemporary painters whose landscapes are bloodlessly pretty. PRO TEMPORE is a demonstration of artistic honesty................... Gary Greenwood, Pro Tempoe catalouge 2012

Unfettered and direct, these unions of wood and paper respond to the "moment within a scene" -- they bring us to his sketchbook and his experience . Within the work of Prouse we sense the scraping of surface to reveal places of energy and places of life. William Moore, Director/Curator, MacLaren Art Centre, 1993

"The colours were saturated and celebratory; the brush strokes were a rich staccato that galloped across the tightly packed composition. It was a landscape quite unlike anything I had experienced before. It seemed to lift and breathe, almost float off its wood panel." McKnight, Claudia-ARTCITY MAGAZINE Sept. 2001 'ROD PROUSE-PERCEPTION'

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