portfolios 2011-15
portfolio 2016
About five years ago my paintings underwent a development. The painting collided with my interests in printmaking and digital process.

Till then my paintings dwelt mostly in the realm of the alla-prima, lyrical brush.

Introducing considered processes from the printing and digital world into the mix (stenciling, masking, layering, image transfers, viscosity resists etc.) changed things up.

For example; positioning layers or masking demands a considered approach to the process of creating a painting. Not unusual in creating a serigraph print or a Photoshop document but from my painting stance...new.
I guess I was merging down my skills.

It has been an interesting journey with ups and downs, but time well spent. For me, the merging of creative process is in itself a creative process and applying that to a
traditional genre will certainly be the challenge for the next..................